Bottling Night Calendar


As a small business Karen and I don’t have enough hands to complete our bottling runs in a reasonable time. Many of our tasting room guests expressed an interest in helping, so we’ve created a bottling crew calendar that you can signup for bottling nights. It’s work, but it’s fun and there’s booze!

What’s it about?

You’ll be working our production bottling line, working side by side with the Wohlfert family, unloading glass, filling bottles, capping and shrinking, corking, labelling, tagging and boxing.

You need to be able and willing to stand on your feet for the duration of the shift. You’ll want to wear comfortable work clothes and shoes (no sandals please). Oh, most importantly come ready to have a good time!

We’re small, so our runs aren’t all that big. With a full crew we can finish a run in a few hours.

How will I know when to show up?

We usually know a week or so before we are going to do a bottling run. We will email you to confirm the day you have selected on the calendar. Please remember, we are counting on your attendance. Sadly, no-shows will have to be removed from the bottling crew list 🙁

What do I get of out of it?

Besides enjoying a rare opportunity to participate in our hand-crafted spirit making process, we’ll treat you to snacks and at the end of the run you’ll get to head home with a well-earned bottle of your choice (Starter, Spark, Headlight or Clutch)! What’s better than that? So, what are you waiting for?