Book Cuts Night

Join our Distiller, John Wohlfert, for fun and tasting on Cuts Night!

Scheduled on a Friday night – 7pm, 1 to 1.5 hours
Next date: Friday, June 14, 2024

$12/ person
14 person capacity
(Includes complimentary shot glass)

As alcohol comes off the still it changes in flavor. There are multiple stages. When we make Starter, for example, less than half of the alcohol that comes off the still is actually used in the final product! We keep only the hearts of the run. Cuts night is your chance to taste proofed down samples taken throughout a run of Starter.

Can you identify where I made the cuts?

It’s a fun night and unique experience. Normally, I make the cuts live while the still is running. But I thought, it would be fun for people to be able to experience the flavors and aromas of the transitions that occur along the way. The first stuff isn’t good to drink so that gets discarded, we call those the Foreshots. That’s followed by what is called Heads. Heads haven’t had much time to come in contact with the copper in the still and doesn’t taste right but things smooth out and we call that part the Hearts. That’s the good stuff! Near the end of the run fusel oil flavors begin to escape as there is less alcohol in the still and the boiler is a lot hotter. This stuff doesn’t taste that good either. Not to worry, you will get ample chance to taste the good stuff!

How does the night work?

I do a run and collect all the samples in mason jars! Then bust it down to 14 equal samples and proofed them down to 40% alcohol, drinkable. I can pretty much assure you that some of it you will not want to drink. I put the 40% samples in small 6oz bottles with eyedroppers.

** No one under the age of 21 at cuts night. Please bring photo id.